Tracking Services

Our tracking services cater to all your asset and container tracking requirements in real time. This will enable you to become more efficient in your production planning, and it will reduce downtime.

All our tracking solutions have a modern and flexible interface available on web and mobile, ensure ease-of-use for everyone, and comprehensive enough to satisfy the advanced user.

Basic Vehicle Monitoring (BVM)

good starting point for a vehicle, the Basic Vehicle Monitoring (BVM) package allows you to monitor your vehicle at all times. The package has all the essential features in an affordable vehicle tracking system.


  • Your vehicle tracked, real-time, 24/7 by our National Control Center
  • Hardware supported by our national network of qualified technicians
  • Automated alerts (email or Telegram messenger)
  • Free access to a simple and intuitive web-based interface and mobile app
  • Access to route replay through web and app
  • History reports
  • Gradual stop / immobilizer
  • Suitable for motorcycles
  • Assist in recovery through our network of response units across the country (t&c apply)

Key features

  • Tracking units with built-in back-up battery
  • 1 year warranty
  • Capacity to upgrade to Advance Fleet Management (AFM) functionality

Optional Extras

  • Decoy unit for added security
  • Integrated speed governor

Advance Fleet Monitoring (AFM)

If optimizing your performance is important to you, the Advance Fleet Monitoring (AFM) may be just what you need.


  • All features listed in the BVM solutions
  • Advanced Reporting covering work-hours, route optimization and other integrated customized reports and alerts
  • Defined vehicle geographical boundaries (Geo-Fencing)
  • Driver behaviour analysis (Eco-Driving)
  • Speed infraction, Driver ranking, Excessive idling
  • Harsh braking, Acceleration and Cornering
  • Top violation report for improved processes
  • Alert when vehicle is operated outside of pre-defined hours (Shift Notification)
  • Deliver route management
  • Accident reconstruction

Key features

  • Advanced tracking unit built in back-up battery
  • 1 year warranty
  • Capacity to upgrade to Vehicle Fuel Monitoring (VFM) functionality
  • Multiple ports for additional sensors
  • Vehicle maintenance module
  • Tyre maintenance
  • Vehicle servicing
  • Insurance renewals
  • Engine diagnostics
  • Enterprise resource planning integration

Optional Extras

  • Automatic Driver Identification
  • Thermal Sensors (Refrigerated Transport)
  • Axle-Load monitoring sensor
  • School bus monitoring system
  • Dash-cams

Vehicle Fuel Monitoring

Our Vehicle Fuel Monitoring solution pays for itself. The solution includes:


  • All features listed in the AFM solutions
  • Real-time fuel consumption monitoring from anywhere
  • Fuel theft reporting
  • Re-fueling monitoring
  • Empty tank and re-order level alerts
  • Engine hours reporting
  • False invoicing detection

Key features

  • Advanced tracking unit with back-up battery
  • 1 year warranty
  • Multiple ports for additional sensors
  • Advance fuel sensor with no-drilling installation

Optional Extras

  • Flow meter sensors



Our professional technicians design, install, and program all our provide systems for all types of standard and special hazards.


electronics and technologies provides Testing and Inspection services that ensure your system


All systems require maintenance if they are to work perfectly in an emergency. Our maintenance and services are ready to serve you any time